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River Bend Boat Club News 2/25/2022 

The RBBC email address has changed. Unfortunately the AOL email address is no longer meeting our needs and isn’t functioning correctly. 

The new RBBC email address is 

Three announcements to post from the RBBC BOD meeting on February 22nd, 2022 

1) The RBBC BOD voted unanimously to have a memorial plaque placed at the boat ramp. Currently two members who recently passed will be memorialized. Allen Graybill Sr. and Charles “Bud” Crist. Both of these members served multiple decades either on the RBBC BOD and/or performing services for RBBC. Cost: $1300 

2) Riff raff will be placed at the end of the boat ramp to fill in the hole. This should be completed by opening day. Cost: TBD 

3) Based on the vote on this Facebook group the annual picnic will be held in June. The date is Saturday June 25, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM at the horseshoe pit pavilion #2. 

Please visit the website at 

for a list of this years events including key exchanges, annual picnic and youth fishing tournament. 

See you all soon on the water! 

Don Snider 

RBBC President