Only tents and recreational vehicles originally manufactured for recreational purposes may be placed on any lot. All RV’s must have the manufacturer’s sticker. For the purposes of this section recreational vehicles and tents include, but are not limited to: motor homes, camping trailers, tent campers, truck campers, and fifth wheels. Vehicles with tip-outs or slide-outs manufactured as part of the original equipment are acceptable. Vehicles having a box length in excess of 40 ft. or box width of 12 ft. are prohibited; with the exception of 5th wheel RVs.

Not more than one recreational vehicle or tent is allowed on any one lot unless adjoining lots are equal to the number of tents or RV’s. Any variance to this rule shall be permitted only with prior written authorization of the RBMC Office. Prior written permission concerning use of additional tents or RVs on a site will not be denied if 1) Request is for a tent not to exceed 150 sq. ft. to be used occasionally for guest or dependent children and/or, 2) Request is for the right to park on the site an additional RV for a period not to exceed 7 days (An additional charge will be applied for the additional RV).

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