No structure or fence may be placed, erected or maintained upon any lot until plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved by RBMC. Submittals must include a Berkeley Co. Permit when required.

No more than one (1) tool and/or storage shed shall be erected upon a single lot. These must be designed for the storage of household, camping, garden tools & equipment; and constructed of wood, metal or combination thereof, with exterior square footage (from ground level to roof level) not in excess of 144 sq. ft. from adjacent ground level and with roof peak not in excess of 10 ft. from adjacent ground level and adjunctive structures including, but not limited to: a) Patio’s, b) Lanai’s, c) Veranda’s, d) Summer Rooms and e) enclosed porches. With a total length not in excess of 100% of the length of the recreational vehicle to which it is adjunctive, a depth not in excess of 12 ft. and whose roof peak is not more than one foot higher than the roof of the RV to which it is adjunctive, provided that any roof extending over an emplaced RV can have a clearance of no less than 6” under and the peak height of no more than 2 ft. over said RV and cannot extend more than 1 ft. from the exterior of said RV.

No fence shall be higher than thirty-six (36) inches, and said fence shall be open type fences such as post and rail. Absolutely no chain link or wire fence will be erected.

Retaining walls over four (4) foot in height require Berkeley County approval. No retaining wall shall exceed seven (7) feet in height.

Waterfront Lot Owners- shall be permitted to construct steps not to exceed forty-eight (48) inches in width, of concrete or other substantial material. No structure or piers prohibited by the Army Corps of Engineers shall be allowed. 

17.12 River Bend APP 0

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