Grass must be maintained at a height not to exceed 4”. Failure by an owner to comply will result in the said owner being held liable for any expense incurred by the park to correct the violation. Wilderness Section is exempt.

No “individual” sewage, garbage or liquid/solid-waste disposal systems shall be permitted on any lot.  All RV’s containing sewage drains should have their drains sealed for the duration of stay on any lot unless such drains are connected to an approved sanitary system.  Household garbage/trash should be kept in the rear of the lot.  Dumpsters for household trash are available during the open season at the front of the park.

No wrecked, abandoned, discarded or junked vehicle, trailer, watercraft, equipment, or material of any kind shall be placed or be permitted to remain on any lot.

Motorized vehicles cannot be permanently stored or abandoned on any site. Storing in an approved shed is permitted.

If the owner does not maintain his own premises in accordance with rules and regulations, then the A&E Committee, after 20 days of written notice, will have the right to enter the property to correct the violation(s) and charge the owner a reasonable fee for said correction.

No trees larger than 4” in diameter can be removed without prior written permission from the A&E Committee.  All owners will be held liable for all tree removals.  Trees of substantial size or trees felled in areas that would require road closure must have prior special arrangements made for said tree removal and/or road closure with the RBMC office.

No person is to mar, maim, disturb or remove any plant or animal life in or along the Nature Trail.

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